Real Estate Information

Real Estate Information

Panama is Hot - A World Class Retirement Haven Thats Ripe For Profitable Real Estate Investment

If you've followed any of the major survey agencies around the world that rate places for retirement, Panama has been on top of the list in many, and for a few years running. So, if you're looking for a place outside U.

Personal Branding Techniques for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Branding can be done to any product, or any person. Before undertaking an exercise in personal branding, however, consider your distinctive strengths and abilities and what they offer the market place.

Real Estate Investing Myths That Steal Profits From Your Pocket

One of the things that distresses us about our industry is the amount of wrong or incomplete information available to investors. Some myths block what otherwise would be a great deal, while others would have you believe that a bad deal is actually great.

Budgeting Your Log Home - Creating a Checklist

If you've read my first article, BUDGETING YOUR LOG HOME: Where do you start?, you've got a very basic overview of the process. However, there are still a number of questions I'd like to address.

Do You Want To Sell Your Rehabs Fast?

That's an obvious question - we all do! So what is the trick? So much time and money is spent on systems updates, roofs, and structural issues, that many times there's nothing left for what really makes the sale: what your potential buyers see. And more importantly, what they fall in love with.

How Much Should I Pay For This House?

We probably answer this question for someone a couple times every week. The problem is that they don't have a good formula for determining the most they can pay and still make a profit - so they're scared to make any offer.

Real Estate Investment 2005 - The Hottest Countries for Investment in 2005

Whether you are a real estate investor looking for a steady and 'safe' investment in a proven market or a real estate speculator willing to gamble on the unknown and undiscovered in the hopes of gaining a significant ROI (return on investment), this article covers the real estate investment hotspots for 2005.A recent UK government report discovered that there was a 250% increase between 2000 and 2004 in the number of Britons buying property abroad solely for investment purposes, and this trend does not seem to be limited to the UK nor does it seem to be slowing down!The global stock markets seem to be in decline, there is a worldwide pension crisis looming and we have uncertainty in the Middle East, in the UK the housing market is unaffordable, possibly over inflated and unlikely to bring significant returns for investors late in on the game and so more and more of us are looking further a field for our investment opportunities.

Real Estate Investment - Why it is Big Business?

When examining the different asset classes, real estate is generally far less volatile than shares and real estate tends to be the haven that investors flock to when other asset classes are suffering.It is true to say that investment properties can have many benefits in terms of building long-term wealth, but we must never forget that this wealth is not guaranteed!Following the global real estate boom of the late 1980's many investors learnt this hard lesson when they found their properties were worth far less than they had actually paid for them and the bottom seemingly fell out of the over-inflated market.

Tax Free Exchanges: Watch out for the New Residence Rules

On October 22, 2004, President Bush signed tax legislation that contained a provision affecting Internal Revenue Code section 1031 (the like-kind tax-free exchange rules).Under this new provision a taxpayer who exchanges under Internal Revenue Code section 1031 into a rental house as a replacement property for a previous investor property and later converts it to his or her primary residence, is not allowed to exclude gain under the principal residence exclusion rules of Internal Revenue Code section 121, unless he/she sells the property at least five years from the date of its acquisition.

Home Inspectors - Negotiating a Lower Price

To help you negotiate a fair sale price for a home, it's best to get an appraisal and inspection report. Even if you agree directly with the home seller on a sale price, you may want these items to safeguard the value of your new investment.

Finding the Right Real Estate Agent:: A Guide for Seniors

When considering buying or selling a home, seniors have a special set of needs that may not apply to others in the real estate market. The first time home buyer has a certain set of needs.

Why it is Important to Hire Just One Real Estate Agent to Buy a Home

In our fast paced and frantic real estate market, buying a home takes quick action and strong representation. Some buyers decide to involve several agents in their search for a home, assuming that there is strength in numbers.

The Professional Investors Plan

The art of using high-leveraged activities.Here I would like to make just a few suggestions that will hopefully save you from wasting years of hard effort only to learn in the end that had you invested using a better strategy, you would have realized more profit, happiness, satisfaction, control and free time as a result.

How to Buy a Home When Your in Your Twenties

A Single's Game of Real Estate(Getting started in your twenties)Due to the fact that most of us grow up in either a rented apartment or our parent's single family home, it stands to reason that most people, when beginning to ask themselves the question of purchasing their own dwelling, will come to the conclusion that a condo or small house is probably the way to go. That's a result of conditioning and it's a hard mindset to break! After taking the time to talk to or personally guide a respectable number of people in their twenties, I have come to find that firm, direct and accurate information can really adjust the reality of how real estate can be acquired and used to their best advantage starting with property that sets the tone for a much more profitable and rewarding future.

Why Invest In Property?

Why property, some people ask when looking for an investment. Well, as far as I am concerned, property investment is, and always has been, the most powerful type of investment for building wealth.

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Wasterlain was once the CEO of ORIX Capital Markets, the U.S. real estate and structured finance business of a large Japanese finance company, and chief investment officer of NorthStar Realty Finance ( NRF) , a real estate investment trust with a $20 ...

Canada's Hottest Real Estate Market to End Self Regulation
"The real estate sector has had 10 years to get it right on self regulation and they haven't," Premier Christy Clark said at a news conference Wednesday. "So we are going to end the right to self regulate." The moves follow recommendations released ...
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Where to Invest Now? How About Multi-Family Real Estate?
Dome Equities is a New York-based private equity real estate investment firm specializing in core plus, value-add, and opportunistic strategies in U.S. Real Estate with a current focus on multifamily rental properties. Jones said he is targeting 7% to ...
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Real Estate and Other Hard Assets Are Good Investments During Economic Upheaval
Real estate tends to hold its value, generate more stable returns, and therefore, be less vulnerable in volatile economies. It may be a particularly useful investment in the current post Brexit climate. Consider below the connection between Brexit ...
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Brexit Could Fortify US Real Estate
But even though some worry Britain will plunge into a recession, and perhaps pull other countries down as well, the long-term effect on commercial real estate, especially in the US, remains unclear. However, UK voters did at least bring clarity to some ...

Stone Brewing protests first real estate tax assessment; Richmond could be required to rebate payment
Stone Brewing Co. is challenging the first local real estate tax assessment on its new brewery in Fulton, writing in a letter to the Richmond assessor's office that it will pay the $220,000 bill, but only under protest. "That notification letter is the ...

Cornerstone Real Estate to Buy Ares Commercial's Lending Unit
Cornerstone agreed to pay $93 million to purchase the Plano, Texas-based lender from Ares Commercial Real Estate Corp., the buyer said Wednesday in a statement. The deal will double Cornerstone's multifamily loan portfolio to $10 billion and is ...
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Pursuing income through lower-risk real estate
In this time of very low fixed-income returns, investors often are attracted to the diversification and income that real estate securities can provide. To find out about current opportunities and challenges in the sector, the InvestmentNews Content ...

The Tennessean

Real estate boom brings plenty of crazy stories
The Tennessean
Albert Einstein once said, “A question that sometime drives me hazy: Am I or are the others crazy?” In a weird way, I can relate to Einstein. If you live, work or observe the world of real estate, odds are that you're seeing lots of crazy things these ...


Prime Real Estate: Amazon Has Swallowed Downtown Seattle
"How big can Amazon get and stay in Seattle—that's what they're trying to find out," says Glenn Kelman, founder and CEO of online real estate company Redfin. "Can you create a massive company in the middle of a city?" Amazon's commitment to Seattle ...

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